Great Big Beatson Brilliance

Home is where the heart is. That is what they say. And absence makes the heart grow fonder. That is what they say. There’s no place like home. That is what they say. Place for everything, and everything in it’s place. Everything and the kitchen sink. If you can’t stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen. But in the heat of the moment… in one’s moment in the sun… but don’t think the sun shines out of your backside… you can be as soft as a baby’s backside. It’s just like taking candy from a baby.


Babies, what are they? They’re just like tiny people really, aren’t they? But they get so much sympathy. So much sympathy. Too much sympathy. If a baby is stupid enough to get its candy stolen I say it deserves to have its candy stolen. It’s a little thing called personal responsibility. If you can’t learn it as a baby you’ll probably never learn in. And what’s the problem with stealing candy from a baby? With today’s childhood obesity levels that should be seen as a service to your nation. Stealing broccoli from a baby would be an actual crime.


In the kitchen I make sure that the air is thick with steam from steaming vegetables (it happens so often I’m investing in an extractor fan from because steamed vegetables are the best think for everyone. And if you only feed your children steamed vegetables for a week then at the end of that week give them a grape, when they taste it their head will explode. It’s all comparative, parents…


How To Get Your Oven Cleaned- The Whole Foods Way!

raw food

With everything you do or want to do in life you are faced with a choice- do you want to do it in a way that is destructive and harmful and selfish and cruel? Or do you want to take a moment to find out how to do something in a way that does not harm, in a way that does not cause damage, in a way that takes in to consideration your fellow humans and the natural world in which you live? It is so true that the world we live in suffers because of us, that it is dying because we are killing it with our indifference to its plight. We are torturing it with our lifestyles and how we refuse to attempt to change our lives to better fit others and to better fit the world, rather than insisting that we have some divine right to do everything exactly as we want and that the world has to form itself to our wishes.


My oven is filthy. I have neglected it and allowed it to get to a point where it is suffering terribly under the weight of the filth that besets it from ever side, in every gap, in every way. It creeks and moans. It shudders and groans. It feels like it is close to its breaking point, it is suffering horribly. So, I thought, I have to get it replaced. I have to throw away all this metal and glass and plastic and buy a whole lot more metal and glass and plastic. But do I? A friend of mine told me I didn’t he just said to get it cleaned, cleaned properly cleaned he said, cleaned by a proffesions. He said ‘I can show you how to get your oven cleaned, and cleaned in a way you wouldn’t think possible… ‘. His big amazing mystery cunning plan was a professional oven cleaner. He showed me the Ovenu web app where the Ovenu oven cleaning service make it very easy to get an oven technician  to your house to sort your hot cupboard out. And boy do they sort it. My oven is good as new and it cost a complete fraction of actually getting a new one.


Now, that’s what I call the whole foods, whole planet way of doing things!

Whole Foods, Whole Life, Whole Community


“If you eat well, you live well. If you live well inside yourself you can live well with those around you, live well as part of a community. That is the power of good., healthy food. And this food, it doesn’t come from no where. Healthy food tends to be organically produced and food like this is  almost always better when done on a small scale. Small scale production creates communities, this is clearly true. 10 farms of 100 people means 10 communities of a higher value to each community member than a community within one farm of 1000 people. Eating and food is one of our most fundamental tasks. We, as humans, need: To eat, to not be killed, to reproduce. That is it. Food is one of the three things! So yes, it matters! If we organise how we get our food and what we eat differently, everything changes…”


We will create a far better world if we focus on the things we need and achieve them in a way that causes minimum damage and minimum harm or, maybe, even do something good! Cook nice food means grow nice food means care for the land. The land. The land matters. If we care for the land the land will care for us. But the world we have now harms the land to create food that harms us. Now that just doesn’t sound good…

So, let’s think about how our lives would change if we would only take the time to think about and focus on what we eat and how we get what we eat. It matters, that is our key point here. So let’s get healthy and move forward!